Banquet's Blood
Honeybee's Hoard

Banquet's Blood

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"I raise this bitter cup to the traitors here among us," the king toasted, letting the murmurs ripple. He tipped his head back and emptied his glass, though he let it dribble from the corners of his mouth. His gilded robes looked to be soaked with blood. No one touched their glasses, but likewise, the wine nonetheless ran freely down their chins.


This set is an 7 piece set, which includes: D20, D12, D100, D10, D8, D6, D4.

Each package also comes with a printout of the dice’s flavour text, and one collectable Honeybee’s D&D Loot Card.

Disclaimer: All dice sets and related epoxy-cast items are made in-house by hand, and not machine-manufactured. As a result, the dice may contain small artifacts or irregularities.

The dice may not be identical to the ones in these photos, as there are multiple hand made sets created that may differ slightly.