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Blue-Eyes Platinum Dragon

With Pharaoh's men just behind, she stumbles into the Platinum Dragon's shrine. Crying out for the Bahamut's blessing, a crackling mote of dark energy knocks her to her knees before the dragon statue. Her pupils dilate completely, glowing an electric blue. A shock of white streaks through her hair. Then, she stands, emerging from the shrine to face her pursuers.

God of Mischief

One of the best things about infiltrating a school of bratty wizards was that the adults in charge of "order" and " supervision" had positively no tools to stop my glorious purpose. It's a shame things got boring when yet another "chosen one" turned up, I might have actually stayed and graduated - they had my colours and everything!

Sushi Surprise

Watching the old, grizzled chef expertly roll, slice and plate the tantalizing meal was a mesmerizing thing. The focus, the craft, the art, the speed. It was almost hard to believe he hadn't been doing this all his life - that he never honed his way with knives outside the kitchen.

Genie’s Gamble

Gamblers were the best masters; it's why he chose a die as his vessel. A die loaded with wishes and magic rather than air or sand was irresistible to the greedy and desperate - oh the fun that could be had. This new master though, was a collector only, enjoying every roll. That was a problem.

Secret Caldera

He felt a startling warmth in his pocket, though not uncomfortable. Pulling out the unassuming stone, it suddenly grew warmer. Then hotter. Then, he dropped it as spidery cracks glowed bright like fire, until the rock split open revealing its burning magma core.

Sailor’s Sky

The captain takes a deep breath, unsure of what to expect. The first thing the captain notices upon emerging in this pristine realm, untouched by humanity for millennia, was the stillness of the water, and the night sky it reflected. A sea of stars surrounding a gleaming city of gold.


The artificer pulled down her visor before pulling the mote of fire and light from the chamber. The tongs plinked slightly, as though it were made of fragile glass. Curious. She placed it carefully into the gauntlet... she'd done it. Literally, she could wield the power of a thousand suns in one hand.

Pharaoh's Treasury

He was a king, a god incarnate, he was worthy of his riches, and no one could say otherwise. Still, the nightmares plagued his sleep night after night. A monstrously large lion-like creature with glowing blue eyes and a terrifyingly calm voice. Who was this who dared pronounce a prophecy of judgment and ruin upon him?

Sea Witch’s Ink

Ink magically flowed through the water and landed on the page. With a red-lipped smile, and a caress of a tentacle, the sea witch asked once more, “do we have a deal?”

Corrupted Aurora

The phenomenon had many names, some thought the dancing ribbons of light were the ancestral spirits, others the presence of the gods, others still powerful alien beings. In either case, the growing dark tendrils grappling the auroras did not bode well.

Hall of Heroes

Adventurers have held every reputation over the centuries. Scoundrels, grifters, hopeless cases - extraordinary lives once known as misfits became the souls of legends, once admitted to the Hall of Heroes... and their colourful histories are sure to entertain.

Banquet's Blood

"I raise this bitter cup to the traitors here among us," the king toasted, letting the murmurs ripple. He tipped his head back and emptied his glass, though he let it dribble from the corners of his mouth. His gilded robes looked to be soaked with blood. No one touched their glasses, but likewise, the wine nonetheless ran freely down their chins.

Emperor’s Jade

The dynasty was at its height of power. The Emperor's halls were filled with gold and he was given many jade blessings, but even with all these, they could not compare to the majesty of the green mountains outside the palace walls.

Empress’ Garden

Studying a philosopher’s latest poem in the palace gardens, the Empress sighed wistfully. Though, when the humming of a certain young lord interrupted her thoughts, she kept reading, pretending not to notice his approach behind her.


The stormy surface roiled and foamed, waves reaching high before plunging into deep watery explosions. Looking up from below, I felt every crash above between slow breaths of precious oxygen. I almost didn't dare check how much time I had left before I would be forced to brave the ascent.

Corrupted Aurora (Eos)

The phenomenon had many names, some thought the dancing ribbons of light were the ancestral spirits, others the presence of the gods, others still powerful alien beings. In either case, the growing dark tendrils grappling the auroras did not bode well.

Sea Dragon's Song

The young water wyrm giggled to herself as she inspected her hoard, glinting in the sunbeams streaming from above, down into her little cove. The treasure pile rose well above the water's surface during low tide. This was her favourite time of day, when her whole world sparkled.

Sakura’s Delight

Soft petals drift down on a gentle breeze. Sitting together beneath the cherry blossoms, they listen to the wind carrying music from some far off place. She inches a little closer and leans on my shoulder. I didn’t think it would simply present itself, but there it was: the perfect moment.

Triton’s Plunge

Tridents ready, the triton army stands ready on the sandy sea floor, gentle currents suspending their battle garments. High above, tumultuous waves crash overhead, but the deep before them echoes in its silence.


Watching his teacher ignite the embers using only his hands, he noticed magic didn't quite resemble fire as much as he once thought. His teacher caught his puzzled staring. Pointing to the nebulae and stars overhead, "Magic is Nightfire," his teacher said simply.

Paladin’s Bronze

The silence was disorienting after weeks of battle. The constant clash of metal would echo in the paladin’s ears for years to come. As the last rays of daylight glint off blood-stained armour, the warrior uses a sword to stand, weeping over the souls slain from the fortress to the sea. The war was finally over.

Dust of the Lotus Eaters

Dusting the table of flower-shaped cakes in the sparkly pink and purple sugar, the tiefling called out the window for servers to bring the enchanted treats to their perpetual guests. "Isn't it nice when everybody is happy here?" she thought.

Shattered Possibilities

All around them, reality fractured like a cracked mirror, possible futures unravelled and disappeared into oblivion. The souls of the not-yet-born evaporated. Space-time would be destroyed, but it was their job to ensure that the void would not prevail.


Halfway across the river, the boy sees another wake inside their own. Then, to his horror, two eyes rise above the waters. All around the boat, black and red blood blooms in the waters around them…

Incendiary Storm

The air was blistering hot, columns of swirling fire ravaged the landscape around them. They would be cooked alive if they continued crossing the expanse, but they had little choice. The wind picked up, feeding the firestorm. They had to push on.


Hurtling through the stars at speeds faster than light is no easy feat. It would take them weeks to reach the closest galaxy, and they wouldn’t be returning to Earth for years — if at all. Still, the wonders, new worlds and new discoveries that awaited them was worth leaving it all behind.

Poison Blooms

Ladling the brew carefully from the cauldron into the vial, the old firbolg examined the sample under the firelight. The crushed petals had already begun releasing wisps of its green and violet poison. Pleased, the apothecary gave it a light swirl, and the petals rapidly decayed to nothing.

Winds of Khione

Icy blasts erupt around the party. Behind them, the white-furred creature closes the gap between them, thundering steps echoed by the ice splitting beneath their feet. Ahead, the snowy winds finally clear, only to reveal the edge of a high cliff. Was this Khione’s answer to their pleas?

Fishy Friend

Swimming alongside his mermaid companion, they approached an old shipwreck overrun by kelp and coral. A tattered black flag still floated from the top of its mast. Much as he tried to convince her not to, they were going in to explore.

Hive’s Gold

The Queen’s long, flowing dress seemed to be made of liquid gold, her throne room filled with the hive’s treasure. She wore no crown however, as her very presence reflected her majesty. Even without her riches, the world would know she was Queen.

Cuppa Goodness

Leaning back on the couch in a fuzzy blanket, with the warm sun streaming through the window... all that was left to do was curl up with a good book and a big cuppa goodness.


Beware his yellow watchful eyes
Beware his noxious breath
Beware the one called Venomfang
His voice brings only death.

Sands of Time

Once again, he steps out of the bridge between this world and his own, knowing that in the time his friends could finish their meal, hundreds of years will have passed for him. This was his penance.

Fractal Geodes

He couldn’t imagine what could possibly be so special about this particular mine. There were no veins of precious metals, only worthless rocks. “Don’t be afraid to see past the surface,” his mentor said as she cracked open one of these ‘worthless’ rocks. “Sometimes, it’s what’s inside that counts.”