How does your shop work? 

We aim to do a regular periodic release of dice sets. The exact schedule is subject to change. If everything has sold for that release, there will be nothing left to purchase from the store until the next release.

Commission orders, however, can be requested at contact@honeybeeshoard.com.

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Do you accept commissions?

We do take commission orders depending on our availability. Due to the nature of the dice manufacturing, we can only do a limited number of commissions at a time. Please email us at contact@honeybeeshoard.com to inquire about commissions.


Is it possible to purchase a dice set from the Gallery?

Yes. If you wish to purchase a dice set featured in the Gallery that is currently unavailable in the store, please email us at contact@honeybeeshoard.com.


Will you ever re-release a set of dice from the Gallery?

If there seems to be interest, either by email, or on social media, for a particular set of dice, we may consider releasing more than one set of that set on our periodic shop restocks.


Can you ship to my location?

We currently only offer shipping to Canada, USA, UK, and Europe. If you live in another location and wish to purchase a set, please email contact@honeybeeshoard.com, and we will try our best to arrange something for you!


What are your dice made out of?

The dice are made out of resin.


What is a Loot Card?

In addition to the dice and Honeybee's coin, each full dice set will come with one collectable Honeybee's Loot Card, which is a fun item, designed in-house, that can be used in D&D game play (at your DM's discretion).

For us, this is a fun way to add some more D&D flavour to the product! We aim to design and release a new Loot Card after every few shop releases!